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Welcome to Southshore Lofts "1ST Place" 2020 Dutch Touch International OLR

Found in these pages is a culmination of my years of experience and love for the sport of racing pigeons!  I hope to post a variety of content that new and old members of this sport will find useful!  

None of this is possible without the dedication of the members I fly with each year and I am pleased to watch this sport grow on the eastern shores of Canada!  We have created a race schedule that is more conducive to the busy family lives of today's world so touch base if you want to learn more about that!  It's with this that we have been able to grow the sport here in Nova Scotia, Canada.


I am an avid breeder and host auctions yearly!  These proven champions have helped flyers all over the world build a competitive edge on the race sheets each week. My current sales will be found above so keep an eye on that often.

So have a look around and enjoy!

Yours in sport,


A recent write up on my latest auction!


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