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Mated up the birds on Nov 28th this season. Had a super hatch and all the pairs are starting to go down on the second round with some pairs already laid the second nest. I am very pleased with the health of the birds and the ybs are growing very fast. Close to 60 ybs in the first round, I will be picking out the one loft birds from the second round . Planning on going into 3 OLR 's this year .The balance will go on the race team. That will be it for me and I should have all the breeders separated early this year. I like that ,so i can concentrate on getting the race team up in the air and loft flying for the 2021 race season.

It seems we will have to race in Province again up through Cape Breton ,unless things turn around with this covid thing. I was hoping to get back to the regular race coarse this year ,to get the extra mileage for takes us through 2 provinces into Quebec on the St Lawrence River. I guess we will be lucky just to race.

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