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So here are some fun facts off the top of my head I found interesting. This week alone,,,: Well its been a very productive weekend for Southshore Lofts.,,,7,,1st place positions recognized from bloodlines out of my breeding loft for myself in Nova Scotia, and 3 other lofts in Ontario in heat and headwinds.Tough racing .2- 1st in Niagara area,1- 1st in the Toronto area,,another equal 1st at an One Loft Race north of Toronto. As well as 2- 1st in Nova Scotia.All races into heat and headwinds. I did not print the names of the other 3 lofts ,as I have not asked for their permission to do so. I know there are more results across Canada for my bloodlines. ,these ones are just off the top of my head without doing research. For this week alone. Its a testament to the fact that David Ottaway bred pigeons can fly and win for 5 different people on the same tough racing weekend. It shows you don't need large numbers to prove the value of pigeons as long as you race them hard on a headwind coarse ,I send my birds every week 10 weeks in a row on a tough headwind coarse, with water crossings ,mountain passes, to navigate. This produces top pigeons to win in the 2 of the largest combines in Canada ,,The Up North Combine and the Hamilton Federation trailers. Also my stock has won in One Loft competition all over Canada ,such as 1st Dutch Touch International One Loft Race 2020, 2 equal 1st( 2nd,3rd) at Pioneer OLR at the 2 longest races in 2020 and 1st in 2021 big money winner Ozie Gold, at a Toronto OLR ,and in parts of the USA at OLR'S. Just fun facts for those who have said that you can't produce winning birds flying in a small club,,( that ships 200 to 400 birds per week),,that will win in much bigger competition. The truth revealed,,yes you can do this. Dont listen to the negative points of views out there. Its bad sportsmanship to talk trash about other people,no matter what the situations are.JMO NEWS FLASH: Its been recently brought to my attention that Southshore Lofts did score another 1st last week as a combine winner on the Pioneer Combine . So now 7 1st positions where achieved from Southshore Lofts breeding stock.!!

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