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Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Found this old photo digging through things. Its from 1971.When we were all much younger. I knew all of these guys well. 4 of them were much closer friends,

From the left to the right. John Phieffer my eye sign friend, We used to go for lunch in grade 10 over to his place and look at eye sign on his birds, Good times. Next circled is John Marshal,Sams brother, He was Dave Rogers mentor and taught Dave R how to race very well. Next circle is the man that started me into racing pigeons, Ray West. Met him in grade 9 high school ,Went to his house and he gave me 3 pair of racing pigeons, Charles Hientznam Sions. I have had pigeons for 53 yrs now since that time.. The last circled person is my own mentor Sam Marshal. He taught me how to breed pigeons and race them, I still use his breeding method's of line breeding to this day. Sam Marshal is the grand father of successful pigeon racer Ellen (Johnson) Sutton ,who currently races still in the Borden RPC.She lived right next door to her gr fathers house and learned from a great pigeon man herself.

Borden Pigeon Racing Club Award Dinner 1971

Front (Left to Right) Tony Paszterko, John Marshall, Robert Vieira, Jack Lewis

Back (Left to Right) Cliff Reeves, John Pfeiffer Jr, Mike Taylor, Joe Matys Jr, Joe Matys Sr, Lawrence Hawton, Mike Simo, Larry Lewis, John West, Sam Marshall, Reg Flemming

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