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My Foundation Bloodlines

For 25 years I cultivated and maintained a family of Smeulders Jansens from my good friend Gus of JoJo's International,I lived one hour from his house. Shortly after he imported those birds I started collecting them and we won many races on the Up North combine The largest Combine in Canada for many years .Over 250 1st and Average Speed obs and ybs, ,Champion loft,obs ,ybs,Chamion bird ods & ybs, David Ottaway sweep the board of all these awards 3 consecutive years in a Row!! and many different times in other yrs..Champion loft All Canada ,Champion Birds all Canada,Long distance bird all Canada.As per the CRPU points system. When I moved to Nova Scotia in 2016 I sold all the birds in Ontario. I started a collection of Mike Ganus based birds from his top lines before he started to focus on One Loft Racing. I sourced these birds from several people: Bob Duhra, Tony Alves, Stan Gawel and various auction sites such as Choice Pigeon. They have been excellent bloodlines and kept me on the winning path. The main bloodlines I use since 2008 currently which is my best birds from 100 miles to 500 miles or 800 km are from these lines. Hollywood, Super Champion, The President, Super crack 699, Hofkens, Creator, The Black Widow Hen, and lastly Inbred Gr Children of His Wolverine Cock. All Mike Ganis introductions to North America. I have also added Jos Soontjes, Gr children of Gladiator from Geerinckx, Wouters and the Mustang lines from Vercammen, Chris Hybreches "Champion", "Jempy," Marcel Albrecht ,Sablon,and Vanloon off direct imports and his National Champion Racer and foundation breeder "954". Also Staff Van Reet from Mark Caudwell in Great Briton. I blend these lines into a very successful family of racers that win on any racecourse and now in the one loft scene. The most impressive quality of these birds to me is that there are many prepotent breeders in these bloodlines. Generation after generation of top racers and breeders. I race them hard and cultivate a winning team.

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