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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Lately i have been talking to a lot of new pigeon fanciers and some experienced ones as well. I am hearing the words I am going to keep this line pure, Or do you have any pure ??? and a so called strain is referred to. I can not say it enough ,THERE ARE NO PURE STRAINS. The quickest way to be a looser on the race sheet in my opinion is to inbreed to keep a so called pure strain. Its common knowledge to most top fanciers that crossing for hybrid vigor is the road to success./ Or line breeding but not to the excess of inbreeding and expecting to be a winner on a regular basis. The only time in my opinion you should practice inbreeding is when a very good stock bird comes to the end of its breeding life, Then i would close breed to try to capture the breeding genes of that specific breeder. Then i take those birds off it ,to an outcross of good performance pigeons. To continue the strength of the winning lines. You should be trying to improve your stock by breeding forward .Not stalemating yourself into trying to replicate a so called strain. From many yrs ago. The masters of the past and of current ones of today, do not stick to inbreeding programs to breed there families of winners. They get the best birds they can source from and cross and blend these birds in many different directions to keep improving. The strain theory is the product of pigeon merchants who wish to sell pigeons. They call the birds they sell from a specific top flyer a PURE ,,,, so and so,,,to sell his product. Meanwhile that top breeder he is representing in his advertisements is an avid crosser of many different bloodlines. Its in the history books. Just read them. What the new and uninformed pigeon breeder should concentrate on is learning the difference between types of bloodlines .SHORT,MIDDLE,OR LONG DISTANCE, BLOODLINES AND BREED FOR A TYPE OF BIRD THAT WINS AT THE REQUIRED DISTANCE YOU WANT TO WIN .. learn body conformation,muscle structure, bone structure feather quality,eye sign,These are what one needs to learn, to win races and breed a winning family or bloodline from unrelated birds.match them up and find the winning combinations for racing performence.At a distance ,headwind or tailwind.Whatever you want them to perform at.Not trying replicate a so called strain of birds that looks good on paper but will not win you any races.If you do get a good one you will most likely have to breed 10 to get one good one,been my experience when i was a Strain Seeker myself,,.A waste of time.I now focus on pairs that breed 3 or 4 good birds out of 6 raised. If they cant they are displaced.Set the bar high for breeding and racing performance,not trying tp replicate some other champion of some famous breeder from another country.Here in North America we have very good source birds,,Yes most come from imports , but they have been cultivated to win in our environment.For all the new fanciers in the sport .Do not be afraid to buy from a top breeder in your area .Ask him how he pairs his stock.learn from a current winning loft .Racing methods and his breeding methods. You will be surprised to find that most top lofts breed by type and not strains. build your own line of winning birds from winning proven lines. Currently i am taking my family of proven winners and breeder and crossing them onto modern day imports from many different top flyers.This will ensure hybrid vigor and strength in my family of racers and breeders.Ok rant over .

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