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I see many fanciers out there calling "Buoyancy " "Balance". Balance in a racing pigeon is not how heavy or how light a pigeon feels in your hand. .Or if the bird sits there without moving in one hand. You do not see or check for balance in a bird by bobbing it up and down in your hand either.

BALANCE in a pigeon is all about BONE STRUCTURE.. yes bone structure.!!! This is the frame of the bird that the flesh and muscles are attached to. .If the tip of the 2 knobby bones you feel up high in the front of the pigeons chest (CLAVICOL BONES), are in line with the tip of the keel bone .THEN THIS BIRD IS IN BALANCE. If the keel bone extends past the tips of the CLAVECOL BONES, ITS OFF BALANCE.,, IF THE KEEL BONE IS SHORTER ,,ITS OFF BALANCE..

Now i have noticed if its longer the bird is not suitable for racing or breeding. Also noticed if the keel bone is shorter then the tips of the Chavicol bone then this type are your speed birds. and fly faster but tire out in 7 to 10 hours of flight and quit on you. The 400 miles and up racers must have a perfect alinement to the tip of the keel and those 2 little bones you feel high up in the chest.(Chavicol tips) .

i have watched guys for many yrs talk about balance and they do not really know what to look for. Now you know. I will add a pictures of a bird in perfect balance.

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