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Hi all ,I feel its appropriate to post a short explanation to new flyers on the value of racing pigeons. In an auction the owner has a base price to start off with and hopes to get a competitive bidding process going to get the most dollars out of his pigeons. My web site offers birds for sale with a fixed price. As I do not want to involve myself in an auction type scenario on my web site. So I set the fixed price at a rate that I feel is not outlandish but reflects ,what I feel is the value of the bird in question. My evaluations are made on the birds breeding and or racing performance as well as the financial investment that I have previously made by myself to acquire this bird or its descendants and family. I study the ongoing pigeon markets and try to set a fair price without being greedy for lack of a better word. Should anyone wish to discuss a particular bird ,please contact me and i would be more than happy to receive your inquires.

Check in periodically as i will be posting more this month as i get the photos done. Some photos will not be extensive as others ,but this is not to say the birds are of a lessor value to the buyer in regard's to breeding performance. It takes much time to do a finished photo and i do have a life apart

from pigeons lol.

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