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Loft Design

Below you'll find a tour of the loft and some pictures of the current layout and systems in place to ensure the top health and development of my birds.  Also included are some shots from my loft design while I flew out of my home in Ontario.

Enjoy a tour of the loft with myself and Ryan from Feathers Elite! 


Race Loft

This is the racing loft built, in 2017. It's 20 feet long and 10 feet wide and has four sections in it: YB section, Widowhood Hen section, Widowhood Cock section and a section for 10 pair of Natural Race birds.  It has its own hydro breaker box for this loft and the barn stock loft. All walls, floors and ceilings are insulated. 


Race Loft Blue print

This is a blueprint of the race loft, the view is from the front. I decided to change the front after I did the blueprint. I realized I had room for one more window so I put in 5 windows instead of the 4 allowing more sunlight, which is better in my mind. 


Race Loft Blue print

This is a blueprint of the race loft, the view is from the interior of the loft. The blueprint shows the door on the left-hand side. I changed it to the right-hand side in actual construction, but you can do it either way. 


Stock Loft

The building is 18 feet long and 12 feet wide and features a second story as well. On the ground floor, I have sectioned off 2 sections. One section has 20 breeder boxes in it which are 24 inches deep and  23 inches wide.  I like the larger breeding boxes as it gives them more room for a second nest. The other nest box section is 8 feet wide and 12 feet long inside. There are two 6 by 6 ft averys outside for each section, so the birds can get some outside time. The other section is 6 by 6ft for a holding pen in the off breeding season for the hens. There is also a feed room on the ground floor. 



This is a 3 ft hallway down the front of the racing sections in the 20-foot loft.  It starts at the entrance and goes about 14 feet long and the young bird section door is at the end. I now have a hinged door to separate the first 3 sections off so the birds can access the front avery without getting mixed together. There is a track that runs the length of the hall so the 3 sections have doors on the slider track. 


Perch design

Young bird perches on the back wall. 7 inches wide and 10 inches tall. I like them smaller so the hens do not get into them and pair up. I race ybs and ob's on double widowhood, or separated sexes. Also with the sloped back perch, they don't stand in their poop and keep them cleaner. 


Nest Boxes

There are 20 nest boxes in the breeder loft. They are measured for CRPU nest fronts, but I made them 2 feet or 24 inches deep. This gives a lot more room for the second nest and I do not have to deal with any territory battles between cocks.


Lighting System

I like lots of brightness in the breeder's section where the 20 boxes are. I set the timers on 18 hrs light per day starting 2 weeks before pairing for the cocks and 7 days before pairing for the hens. If the hens go on 14 days like the cocks they will mate to each other and go eggy on you and not want to mate. So 7 days is plenty for the hens. I use fluorescence lights like this in the race loft a well. Seems to work just fine. There are various concerns with fluorescence lights. I can tell you for the last 4 years I have used them and have not seen any negative effects from them. They produce lots of light and my results continue to be of top performance.

House Pics July 09 012.jpg

Previous Lofts

These are my 2 race lofts from Ontario. The tall one is the standard 6ft by 16 ft long with 3 sections.  I lived there from 2008 to 2016. Those 2 lofts have clocked many many Up North Combine winners, as well as Canadian National Awards.

Summer of 2010 073.jpg

Breeder loft Design

This is the breeder loft from Ontario and was 6 ft by 16 ft long with 3 sections. The averyis 8 feet wide and 16 feet long as well with 3 sections.

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